Chop chop!  Hurry Up!

Many people would like to cook but the prep work can sometimes take too much time. I love to use tools that help me prepare my meals quickly.  I have certainly tried more than my fair share of chopping tools.  Most of them are more trouble than they are worth. They either don’t chop very well or they are a pain to clean or they take up way too much space in the cupboard.  

But I have found one chopper that I use all the time.  It works easily, is dishwasher safe and it is small enough to fit nicely even in a small kitchen.  The Tupperware Smart Chopper makes cutting small edibles so easy and shipping is free with Amazon Prime.    

This little chopper is perfect. I use it mostly to chop garlic and onions.  But you can also use it for chopping herbs, other veggies and fruits and even cheeses.  

My mother-in-law, Adele first introduced me to this lovely addition to my kitchen.  Since I make a lot of salads and stews and soups, I use garlic and onions several times a week.  This chops both of them in tiny pieces in seconds.  

Admittedly, it looks tiny at first glance.  You can definitely toss in whole garlic cloves with no problem but you need to roughly chop an onion before putting it into the Smart Chopper.  

To use, place the blade in the chopper bowl.  Then place the food in the chopper. Place the lid on the chopper and twist to “lock” into place.  There is a little white piece of plastic on top attached to a string.  Grasp that plastic piece between your index finger and middle finger and give it a few pulls.  This pull string mechanism causes the blade within the bowl to spin quickly which chops your food.  If you want a rough chop, pull the string a few times and you’re done.  If you want a fine chop, pull it a few more times.  Now untwist the lid, remove the blade and use a spoon or a small spatula to scrape out your chopped food.  

I love my Tupperware Smart Chopper. There are some other substitutes out there but Tupperware makes a quality product. I’ve had my chopper for a few years now. The blade is still super sharp and there are no visible signs of wear on the plastic even though I use this thing weekly and wash it in the dishwasher every time.  

As I’ve said, I use it mostly for onions and garlic but I’ve also made salsa and pesto sauce in it.  I’ve also used it to chop herbs.  It’s awesome for chopping parsley.  If you have a large family or you just enjoy making larger quantities of food, there is a larger version that I also own. It comes with some additional attachments and is great for making salad dressings and rough chopping lettuce.  It’s a bit more expensive at $79 But it has all of the same benefits of the smaller version but can handle more food. 

 I will post again soon. Until then, stay hungry and enjoy your wine!

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