Is It Wine O’Clock Yet?

In my twenties, I often wondered about when it was appropriate to drink wine. It’s before noon. Is that too early? Is it okay to drink wine during the week? What about during Lent? 

Now that I am in my thirties, I am thankfully aware that it is ALWAYS okay to drink wine! Today is Thursday, the day before Good Friday. I have to work tomorrow.  It’s totally acceptable that I enjoyed a glass of wine after dinner. Okay, okay. Two glasses of wine! 

It’s been a long week. I’ve cooked delicious meals for my family this week. I had to shell out almost  $1,000 to repair the air conditioner in my car. My spring allergies are going haywire. I deserved a little treat. So my husband and I decided to enjoy some of the wine I bought while I was in Newport last week.  It was delightful.  

Never be afraid to enjoy something you love. Whether you enjoy a mimosa on a Sunday morning or a sangria on Taco Tuesday, never apologize for taking pleasure in what makes your mouth happy.  After all, it’s wine o’clock somewhere. 

I will post again soon. Until then, stay hungry and enjoy your wine!

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