Music Matchmaker 

We all know how important it is to pair your food appropriately with wine that will compliment the flavors rather than compete with it.  But drinking wine is an experience.  To make it more enjoyable, you should try to engage as many senses as possible.  I don’t have any scientific proof but I swear wine tastes better when I’m sitting at a park or overlooking the beach and when I’m listening to sweet sounding music.  

By engaging your other senses, you improve your memory of the experience.  Imagine you are sipping a delicious fruity glass of chardonnay, enjoying a first date with someone you’ve been dying to go out with for months, eating your favorite meal at a classy restaurant and listening to “Champagne Supernova” by Oasis.  You eventually marry this person you were on a date with. One day, you two are out shopping for a new sofa or something and that song comes on.  You both stop right there in the aisle and you reminisce about your first date…the scallops you shared, the dress she wore, giggling over the wine, he spilled his water because he was so nervous, this song in the background….this is what memories are made of.  

I’ve put together a playlist on Spotify that includes many songs I enjoy listening to. They are great for relaxing and engaging your auditory senses.

I will update and add more songs as I find them.  Whether you’re hosting a wine and cheese party and need a playlist or you’re just chillin’ at home and want to enjoy a glass of wine alone, these tunes are sure to help you make more memories with your loved ones.  I would love to hear which songs are on your wine playlist. Feel free to comment below!

I will post again soon. Until then, stay hungry and enjoy your wine!

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